Nu-Hup Teck
Nu-Hup Teck

BlancOne Home

BlancOne Home teeth whitening you can do at home. Thanks to its bicomponent formulation you get evident improvements in the tone of white, with faster applications than traditional systems, without dehydrating the enamel or irritating the mucous membranes.

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Triple Action home whitening system. It whitens the teeth, protects the gums, strengthens the enamel. In addition to giving you whiter teeth, the BlancOne Home gel, thanks to hyaluronic acid, creates a barrier that nourishes and protects the gums, moreover the micronized hydrxyapatite bonds to the enamel, repairing and strengthening it

Carbamide peroxide 16%

Carbamide peroxide 10%

3.2ml x 1 syringe

1.6ml x 1 syringe

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